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147x216cm Low Cost Agriculture Polycarbonate Flowerhouse Set

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  • Item No.: GM310 22/23/24/25/26 -G
  • Size: 147/216/286/355/425 X 216 X 220CM

Detailed information

Product Description

  The popular series greenhouse uses 'Slide & Lock' Assembly System, with 4 or 6mm weather resistant 

polycarbonate panels and heavy duty anodized or durable powder coated aluminum frame, all this Greenhouse 

will basically do is last. Our entire structure comes with a channel depth of 10mm and we have incorporated a 

special ‘barb/lock’ within the profle which enables you to slide the panel into the channel and lock/secure into 

place! With this aluminium profle, we can insure that our panels will hold firmly in place without the use of silicone 

or having to rely on cheap clips or plastic components. You will always have the option of being able to dismantle 

and relocate your Greenhouse or replace panels at any stage. With many useful options and accessories 

available, this hobby greenhouse is perfect for beginner and expert alike. What's more, we are doing promotion 

on this series. You shouldn't miss it!


1. Popular series greenhouse, 4mm or 6mm polycarbonate sheet can be chosen; two different sizes for each 

model, green powder coated or anodized color are available.

2. Full Side Wall Bracing, Ridge & Eave Bracing. 

3. Increase stability with an optional available base. Very useful in windy areas.

4. Easy to assemble without any special tools.

5. Roof vents and doors provide more than adequate ventilation.
6. Available Options include Automatic Roof Vent Openers - Shelves and Shading Nets.

Price Content:

1.Aluminum Frame.

2.Panels: 4mm or 6mm PC.
3.Bolts & Nuts.
4.Assembly tools.
5.Assembly Instruction.


10MM depth to slide in PC panel.
- Double-times deeper than others;
- PC panels won't be easily blown out in windy days, much safer.
- More used materials inside, heavier and better quality;

PK 1 
Ours: 10MM Glazing Channel, double deeper than others;
- PC panels won't be easily blown out in windy days, much safer.
- More aluminum makes the greenhouse stronger and better quality;
Others: 5MM Glazing Channel - fragile & weak. 
PK 2
Ours: 2mm thick aluminum sheet with precise pre-drilled holes to connect the whole structure;
Others: Small and thin bracket, poor aluminum sheet.

PK 3
Ours: PC insert system. Our entire structure comes with a channel depth of 10mm and we have incorporated a 

special 'barb/lock' within the profile which enables you to slide the panel into the channel and lock/secure into 

place! With this aluminum profile, we can insure that our panels will hold firmly in place without the use of 

silicone or having to rely on cheap clips or plastic components.

Others: Rely on cheap and weak Clips, results in the whole greenhouse very weak, which is easily blown out in 

the windy season.

PK 4
Ours: Large and solid window arm to ensure the vents are steady and strong, and the plastic cap to prevent any 

injury by sharp edges. 

Others: Thin and weak arms, and lack of safety protection.

PK 5
Ours: 1.2mm thick and 460mm long of full roof & side bracings give much more strength to the whole stucture - 

Made to Last!

Others: No bracings or very thin or short bracings, help them reduce the price, but don't help the increase the 

strength of the greenhouse.

What's more:







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Q: Why choose G-MORE?

A: We are a Manufacturer & Trading Combo, you can get the best price and most professional technical support from us.

B. Reach experience: We had designed, produce and export garden products for more than 10 years, will push out products every year.

C: Quickly reply, we will reply within 2 hours as long as we 're awake.

D: Excellent pre-sales, in-sale & after sale service.

E: We accept customized products if available.

Q: Payment term.

A: We accept T/T(30% as deposit, the balance is against to the copy of B/L) or L/C(100% irrevocable L/C at sight). Delivery time

Q: Delivery time.

A: Dlivery time is 30 days after receiving the deposit. 

Q: Is the package will be damaged during transportation?

A: Instead of 5 layers carton boxes, we pack all the goods by 7 layers brown carton boxes. It's super strong for long transportation.

Q: What to do if any missing holes, missing parts or wrong processing?

A: We pay much much closed attention on the processing, including packing and loading containers. However, human makes mistakes. We can't assure 100% accuracy. If any missing parts or missing holes, we can ship the parts immediately by express.

Q: Is the Greenhouse/Carport/Patio Cover suitable for DIY assembly?

A: All of our products are designed for DIY assembly, each product along with assembly instruction.

B: Assembly is a straight forward and satisfying project for any DIY enthusiast. Even large greenhouses can be installed with only basic tools, such as a hammer, a screwdriver, a power drill, a spirit level, an adjustable spanner, a knife, a stepladder and safety goggles, and most of the tools are provided.

C: Particular care: Good quality must be worn at all time when you are handling glass. You should not attempt to lift heavy sections without a helping pair of hands.

D: Remember that extra time spent preparing a good base is normally repaid with time saved later on during the installation.

Q: Why should customer choose an Aluminum Greenhouse/Carport/Patio Cover?

A: Aluminum is an excellent material for greenhouse/carport/patio cover frames for many reasons. It is strong and at the same time very light with a higher strength to weight ratio than any other commonly used greenhouse framing material. In addition, aluminum needs no protective coating and it can be used in its natural state. Aluminum won't warp, rot or rust and it is non toxic.

Q: How do customers clean the Greenhouse/Carport/Patio Cover?

A: The outside of the greenhouse glass can be cleaned using a mild detergent in warm water. All surfaces should be cleaned using a soft cloth, a sponge or a natural bristle brush. Cleaning the inside of the greenhouse can only be done outside the main growing season, probably in late September or October. For the plants sake use a mild disinfectant cleaning fluid as this will kill of any pests which could harm the plants.


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